Since we only want to offer our partners the best, we at Precisium carefully follow the latest developments on the market and are constantly striving to implement them appropriately. For this reason, we put our new milling machine into operation at the beginning of this year, which has further improved our product quality.

5-axis simultaneous milling center Hartford 5A-65E – for faster and higher quality work

The Taiwanese CNC machine manufacturer Hartford is one of the driving forces for progress in mechanical engineering and one of the most respected in the industry. It is therefore no coincidence that we have just decided on the product of this brand and have gladly strengthened our production with the new 5-axis simultaneous milling center.

The machine arrived at the company in January 2020 and has already been successfully integrated into the Precisium production process after a short test phase. The main advantage of use is the fact that we can now also produce technologically very sophisticated and complex products.

Certain processes, such as the production of turbines, electrodes for erosion or the engraving of tools require special, advanced 5-axis simultaneous machining. This can now be done, and the results are highly precise.

In addition, the manufacturing time can be significantly reduced, and processing can be more targeted. Since the milling cutter is equipped with high-pressure cooling at a pressure of 20 bar via the spindle, we can drill deeper holes and further optimize the production process.

Nakanashi multiplier – for even more precision

With the Nakanashi multiplier, which allows larger revolutions, we are also able to use milling cutters that are smaller than 0.8 mm for the milling process. In this way, we ensure even better processing of surfaces with smaller dimensions and are even more precise with products with very small and sophisticated shapes.

New SolidCAM software

When we bought the machine, we also invested in the SolidCAM software. This is one of the most advanced software solutions on the market for complex 5-axis milling.


  • Table diameter: 650 mm
  • Machining area: X-650; Y-520; Z-460; B: +110° -40°; C: 360°
  • Accuracy: ± 0.004 mm
  • Machine speed: 15,000 rpm
  • Spindle cooling: 20 bar
  • NAKANASHI multiplier: 50,000 rpm

Do you need a well-coordinated team with the latest technology?

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